Motorised Fishing Lures?

Posted on April 25th, 2016 by The Bloke

Sure there are many ways to get hold of some bait: pre-packed from the tackle store, cheap supermarket chicken, or handier still if you know how to get mussels off pylons (I’ve written a how-to on that). But nothing beats the simple convenience of a lure. Trouble is, most lures out there are better at catching fi$hermen than fish. That’s why when I see a proven stand-out working its magic right before my eyes like this little number, I must have it.

You see, some years back I was at a fishing expo in Western Australia where they had a huge salt water fishing tank on the back of a trailer. The open topped tank contained various salt water species, for the purposes of demonstrating fishing techniques to the audience – who could see the reactions of the fish from the unique perspective of below the water’s surface. It may well have been the Yamaha Super Tank (pictured below) or gone by a different name at the time:

Yamaha Super Tank

Towards the end of the day, these fish had had everything cast at them and fed to them, so were understandably sluggish and weary of whatever lure the announcer had for them by the final show. The fish weren’t responding to a variety of lures cast right in front of their noses. Reminds me of last weekend, in fact.

Just then, the announcer brings out this gimmicky looking motorised lure. It was a fishing lure that floats atop the water surface, and propels itself along using a tiny battery powered motor. You don’t cast it; you just turn it on and place it on the water. Then when it reaches the end of the slack line you’ve allowed for it, you reel it back in.

Wouldn’t you know it – suddenly the fish perk up and start attacking this lure the moment they saw it! I don’t know whether it was the noise, the movement, or the combination of those things but this motorised lure really caught their attention when nothing else would.

Try as I might, I have not been able to track down this lure anywhere since. Ebay, Online stores, brick & mortar stores, you name it. If anybody knows or has one of the lures I’m talking about, drop us a line in the comments below and I’d be much appreciative.