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Budgewoi, NSW Central Coast

Posted on December 29th, 2012 by The Bloke

Not a sausage. Not a bloody sausage. My friend and I fished with rods from the jetty under the bridge at Budgewoi on the New South Wales Central Coast around the end of November last year. Despite not catching anything on this occasion, the night was not a dead loss by any means.

We were using Gulp lures for bait, as we hadn’t come particularly prepared – but I do keep a pack of Gulp handy in the tackle box for such moments. I had a 12ft telescopic beach rod, and my friend had a 6ft telescopic jetty rod. Yes, I know the reputation for telescopics breaking under heavy load, but they are undeniably handy travel companions. I bought my twelve-foot American made telescopic for $50 at a fishing show in Perth quite a few years back, after the vendor dared me to break it. I couldn’t resist an offer like that, so another friend of mine held the tip of the rod while I bent the thing by the handle into a parabolic arc. Try as we might, we couldn’t break the rod. Sold. But I digress.

So not a lot seemed to be going on in Budgewoi that night, unsurprisingly enough. It later transpired that the town was hosting an amateur boxing event in which a friend of mine was taking part, and had won his fight. Everybody we asked at the local pub or in the street about local fishing locations responded that they had no idea, since they were just up from Sydney for the weekend too. That being the case – and in fairness to Budgewoi – we may not have picked the #1 spot. There was definitely something biting, though. Several times we each had a strong tug on the line, but whatever it was didn’t seem to be liking our Gulp lures much. Fussy bastards…

All in all though, you can’t complain too much about a quiet night out on a country river in warm weather, with a mate and a few beers. Let’s hope my next Central Coast trip yields a few fish, and a few accompanying photos.