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Keeping a Fishing Diary

Posted on December 29th, 2012 by The Bloke

If you regularly fish the same spot, a good practice is to keep a fishing diary. The purpose of this is to keep track of local weather and related conditions along with the number and type of fish caught on each outing, in order to deduce a pattern over time. For example, your diary’s accumulated data may indicate that you will have better results when the weather is a certain temperature, or after a heavy rain, or when the waterway matches certain conditions.

I was keeping my own fishing diary for some time when I visited Perth’s “Blackwall Reach” on the Swan River each weekend. Eventually this became a futile effort as that neck of the river gradually became overrun with seaweed and blowfish, but a fishing diary can prove useful for the dedicated angler.

My fishing diary had rows for the fishing dates, and column headings such as “Bait Type”, “Temperature”, “Cloud Cover”, “Wind Conditions”, “Water Clarity”, “Species of Fish Caught”, “Number of Fish Caught”, etc. You may think of other factors you would like to keep track of, in order to optimise your chances of success in the long term.


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