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Fishing and Luna Cycles

Posted on April 25th, 2016 by The Bloke

Some years back, I was listening to a live talk from the famous Australian fishing personality and TV presenter Steve Starling at the Mandurah Boat, Dive & Fishing show. I’ve always found Starlo to be pretty good value and enjoyed reading his book, “Blokes and Tackle“.

On this occasion towards the end of the audience question time, someone asked him what he thought about the theorised effect of Luna (moon) cycles on fishing. This is a subject which had been doing the rounds in Australian fishing magazines at the time, and the jury was still out. Steve’s answer was along the lines that he didn’t know for sure what the effect might be, but that it was something worth keeping in mind – all else being equal – in your fishing diary.

I appreciate Steve Starling’s trademark lack of bulldust in his answer – along the lines of “sure keep that in mind, but I don’t claim to be an authority on the subject”.

Of course, I’ve long since lost the fishing diary I used to keep at the time, but doubt I could match the tenacious attention to detail that a teenager shows for a new hobby they’ve latched onto. Personally, I really like this fishing diary format from Nick Simonson (which includes a pictorial for your Luna Cycle info):

Fishing Diary Page