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Binacrombi, NSW Blue Mountains

Posted on November 26th, 2012 by The Bloke

Binacrombi is a 500 acre property out past Taralga in rural New South Wales, through which the Abercrombi River flows. Although primarily known for its dirtbike endurance and motorcross tracks, Binacrombi also offers some excellent camping, bushwalking, four-wheel-driving and fishing activities.

The Abercrombi River is a prime location for Carp and Rainbow Trout. The area is accessible by 2WD, but a 4WD is preferable.

New additions to the property include a gym, complete with boxing ring and wrestling cage.  Martial Arts training boot-camps are held on occasion to take advantage of these facilities.

Accommodation at Binacrombi ranges from camping grounds, dormitory, or a comfortable range of self-contained cabins. Booking in advance is essential!